Thursday, November 07, 2013

Another Mash-Up..... Thomas Kinkaid and Star Wars this time...

This one ABOVE, is my favourite.  It's downright scary!  Hehe.  (BTW, click on the pics.. they're bigger)

Thanks to Bored Panda...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ok.. who doesn't love 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh?

Ok.. who doesn't love 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh?  Well, i'm sure there are a lot who don't, especially considering how MUCH we see it!

But.. i found this blog post at Popped Culture.. of artists who have used this iconic painting as a basis for a parody!  I just LOVE them!!

Plus it also pulls into question.. when is it copyright infringement.  One of my biggest problems with my OWN painting, because i'm afraid my brain will copy someone else's work by accident.. something that happens a lot!

Anyway.. here's a sample of the works.. and a LINK to the post!  :-D

OH!  And speaking of Starry Night... check this interpretation out!  A photograph by Alex Ruiz!

Or THIS interpretation.. Starry Chicago Night (don't know the creator).. half painting, half photo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My only watercolour...

Below is a cropped picture of a watercolour i did a few years ago... my only watercolour... (everything else before & since then has been acrylic)

'Island Arbutus'

(And this is just a little 'glitter' that i wanted to test on this page)...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wow. I actually painted something!

Old news now, to the facebook crowd, but i thought i'd post my little painting here as well. A little 5x7 acrylic on canvasboard of my daughter in her 'blue period', that i did around Valentine's Day.

It's not much really, but considering i hadn't painted in years, it was a fabulous breakthrough in my dry spell. Not to mention it's the first portrait i've ever painted in my life!  I don't know how much i'll continue painting, but at least this was a start! I have done a couple of other small, paintings since this, but they're private & i can't show them.

My biggest thing now, is i just don't know what i want to paint! I need to do some more paintings for my high school Birthday Bash in May, but... *shrug* Hopefully it will come to me before the deadline mid-April.. :-)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Artist Barbie

The Barbie 2008 Fall Lineup has just been announced. Very cool stuff, including Bat Girl, Super Girl, Wonder Woman & Black Canary. And this Artist. . . MUST HAVE!!! Ooooh... *crossing fingers*...

And i don't even want to think about how many people are groaning at this announcement i've just made! :-P

Mar/09 Update

I missed her. They cut off memberships for the last part of last year, and you have to be a member to buy. By the time memberships were open again, the doll was not available any more. DARN it! I would LOVE to have this very retro artist Barbie!! So 50's beatnik cool! *sigh* I certainly won't be able to afford her now, on the secondary market! Oh well. Hehe.

Friday, December 28, 2007

One of my dreams... *sigh* A Road Trip Painting Tour

I would love to have an old VW bus, paint it, and travel to tiki & art shows. I'd also like to travel all over & do a "Painting across North America Tour".

I'd have to do some more outdoor "en plein air" painting first, to get used to it though. But man, that would be pretty cool, i think. Well, actually it sounds bloody scary, but i guess that's part of the appeal.

*sigh* :-)

The icon above is a picture of Dawn Frasier's 1964 VW Bus. She's a tiki artist from Seattle. She travels to tiki shows in it (i would think). She's painted it in a tiki theme. Oh, she lives my dream! I met her (and bought one of her paintings) at the Tiki Event at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver (CLASSIC Tiki Bar there... it's incredible1) Dawn was great... and very nice.

Oh, and that's where i met Heather Watts too! Another really nice girl who can paint up a storm! I ADORE her work, and have bought a multitude of her prints! Some day... one of her FAB velvets...!

Anyway, back to the VW. Although it doesn't look like she has a kitchen in her bus. I would HAVE to have a kitchen! Hmmm. Unless it's hidden behind the wood & bamboo...

Of course, all this said.... One would have to actually be painting to go on a painting tour! :-P

More of Dawn's bus....
(sorry they're cut off here in blogspot)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Art Facts about ME

Hmmmm. Not really much to say, but if i had to say...

1) The desire to paint, sometimes practically takes my breath away, it's so strong. Yet i still don't paint!

2) My main weapon of choice is acrylics, although i do enjoy many other mediums. In fact, i'm constantly looking for new methods to try.

3) I have such different styles & personalities, that i paint under a "Nom de Brush". Actually, a few of them.

4) I hoard canvases because i like to make sure i will 'always' have enough canvas to paint on. *blush*

5) I love to collect/buy my favorite artist's work, when/if i can afford it. I have quite a large collection of 'Frida portraits' done by a variety of artists.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Video clip of Women in Art

"This little film, beautifully scored, is a stunning compendium of morphed images of women created by artists throughout the ages".

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top ten reasons for becoming an artist (by Jill Rumoshosky Werner) :-)

Top ten reasons for becoming an artist

10. You were planning to go on a starvation diet anyway.
9. You thought about being an actor, but wanted more rejection.
8. You look good in a beret.
7. You wouldn't be able to pass a pre-employment drug screening.
6. You've always dreamed of living in a rat-infested loft with no heat and a clogged toilet.
5. The only other career alternative was working for your mother-in-law cleaning up crime scenes.
4. You don't have to presort the laundry because all of your clothes are black.
3. You took three years of Artspeak in high school.
2. You can behave any way you want in public and call it performance art.
1. You can paint nudes. You can even paint on nudes.

Posted by Jill Rumoshosky Werner on Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

You too can paint the Mona Lisa

How cool is this?

Just... WOW!

├╝ber skills!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

'Martha Washingtons'

This little one (only 5x7 and painted with acrylics), i think, is my favourite one that i've done. Just thought i'd share at least SOMEthing! :-)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

"No-brainer-feel-good" Art

Ah. So that's what it's called; the kind of painting i do. Something to do with "the proliferation of the so called 'easy do', 'unschooled' and 'no-brainer-feel-good' art".

I love Robert Genn's work and his marvellous Painter's Keys Twice-Weekly Newsletter - you really should subscribe if you haven't already @
the community
- but sometimes labels get thrown around too much for my taste. It can get a bit judgemental when some of the commenting artists express their opinions.

And that's ok. Everyone has a right to their opinion. And labels seem to be very important to a lot of people. Hey, even i get into them myself sometimes (in a hopefully much less judgmental way).

So, in the name of fun and playfulness, I will take that label of "No-brainer-feel-good Art" and embrace it with joy.

This is how i want to paint right now. I want to paint simple daily situations in a simple folk-art fun style, because it is what i want on my OWN walls. Big stress in the real world warrants simple fun paintings in my world!

That's how i see it . . . for now.

'Trying to Relax'

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Paintings!

I think that cats are going to be a recurring theme in every series i do. These are from two series: Quilts and Women; both have cats, curiously. ;-)

This is how i want to paint right now. I want to make happy, colourful folk-art paintings. I want to paint small (they are 6x6 & 5x7). I want to paint fun scenes from everyday life. Maybe they're more suited to greeting cards, but it's what i want on MY walls, so that's what i'm going to paint.

One thing that will probably keep me from ever becoming a 'real' artist... IE: one who actually sells their work... is that i still don't want to part with my paintings! How does one actually get over that? I just don't know! I paint what i love, and i love what i paint, and i want to keep it! :-D Oh well.

Anyway, here they are (along with their numbers for my reference sake):





Monday, July 03, 2006

I've been painting!

I have finally done what i've wanted to do for decades. Take some painting classes! I should have gone to art school when i was younger (that is my ONE regret in this life), but i didn't. So now, i'm starting to take some week-long workshops.

The last one i went to was one on Colour Theory. Very important for me, because i love colour so much and want lots of it in my paintings, yet i am so afraid of it! The class helped me a lot, though i have a VERY long road ahead of me. At least i have taken the first few steps! Yay! :D

This workshop was at a great studio on Quadra Island... Firesign Art & Design Studio and B&B. It was incredible to stay there for an entire week, immersed in art with other like-minded artists. What an experience!

Sept/06 Note: *sigh* Unfortunately, because i had nowhere to paint once i got home (in this construction zone.. we're building a house), my choo-choo-kachoo got up and left. I'm back in my slump!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My style...

I seem to lean towards a very definite style. Even when i try to do other things, i end up back to this way (rough & seeing the background through the paint). So it's good. I have a way i want to paint things.

Actually, i enjoy a few styles. One very folk-arty (which is my background), one sort of cartoon-y and graphic and a rather impressionistic style. I can't wait until my new house / new studio is finished (though it will probably be half a year). I want to dedicate so much more time painting and experimenting!

*sigh* I'm painting! :-)

Jan/11 Note: This post was done more than four years ago... I had thought that the house would be finished in "probably 6 months". Well, it's still not finished! We live in in now, but it's still a construction zone! I do NOT want to think about it! Grrrr. *Puts fingers back into ears and says, "lalalalalala"*  ;-)